Welcome to the front line of kart alignment technology.


Photo Courtesy of Jenni Wade.

Here's a couple of quick reasons why you should choose Sniper Alignment Systems over the inferior copies:

We have all of our core components made to our own specifications to ensure the best and most reliable product money can buy. Our massive buying power ensures that you get the best components at the right price.

Our calibration process is second to none. Combined with our finely focused laser units, we can confidently align every unit by hand to within 0.10 of a millimeter (0.004 inch), then positively lock the laser diode in place, ensuring that your unit will stay in true alignment for many years to come. In our machine shop we work with micron tolerances (one hundredth the thickness of human hair) every day, so you can be sure of the accuracy built into every unit.

 Backup and support of a worldwide dealer network, Snipers distributors includes Rotax, CRG, DPE (Arrow)plus many more fantastic distributors, all with fantastic support networks should you have any problems.

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The winner of the Sniper V2 Inox is Oakley from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin USA

Thanks to everyone that entered, It gave us some great information about what our customers want and hopefully it will help improve our customer service.
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